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yüttaka Inc. was born in the mid-1900s as a micro-business run by “La Chata,” a serial entrepreneur and working mother in a developing country. She had the vision and work ethic to offer a world of abundance to her children, grandchildren, and those around them, taking her and her family to Europe, the United States, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, China, and (of course) Japan.


60 years after our birth in Mexico, a Japanese company was born, as the result of four generations of people across three continents. We have built a bridge between the developed and the developing, the traditional and the modern, honoring our diversity and working together on our shared dream of abundance (豊/yu・ta・ka in Japanese).


We began as a Homemade Pastry business connected to a hair salon in a residential neighborhood in Mexico City. This was eventually succeeded by:​

  • an English as a Second Language Education business,

  • a Human Talent Development & Consulting business,

  • and a Corporate Risk, Compliance & Statutory Auditing Consulting business,

which are currently ongoing after four decades, among other ventures in the service sector.

Our expansion continued with our owning and operating a Thai traditional massage salon in modern Tokyo, hundreds of imported goods from South East Asia and Latin America, and a historic success in bringing premium tequila culture to Asia for the first time.


We then participated in a joint venture in the Lodging & Hospitality industry, building a rental home in the Caribbean from scratch, purchasing premium beach resort residences, and our acquisition of a vacation property broker technology platform with a portfolio of hundreds of beautiful homes (and castles) around the world, learning a lot in the process.


Our latest achievements include the incubation of our Digital Marketing & Technology Services, the incubation of our Global Human & Virtual Talent Services, the incubation of an Import Business for Nepalese immigrants in Japan, the co-piloting of a Hybrid Human and Bot Business Incubator, and the launch of our Life, Business & Technology Advisory Services, through which we will share with yü (you) the knowledge we have accumulated in these past 90 years.

Amidst the constantly shifting socio-economic landscapes, our philosophy remains firm and true in all our endeavors:

"make the invisible visible" 


creating a world of abundance (yüttaka) for all.

Our Story

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