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Hector Jimenez

Graduate of the Banking and Commercial School

of Mexico in Public Accounting (Honors)​

Latin American Technological University (MBA)​

Diplomas in: Finance, Organizational Development, Budgeting, Communication, Sales, Accounting Law.

A successful auditor whose career spans five decades across national and international corporates holding positions of General Accountant, Comptroller, Auditor, Managing Partner, and Corporate Comptroller. Expert Judge in Accounting Matters in more than 30 lawsuits promoted by the legal representative of the Society of Authors and Music Composers of Mexico (SACM), auditing several broadcasting companies across Mexico. Acted as Accounting Expert in more than 20 fiscal crime trials.

Currently works as a Statutory Auditor (Commissioner) in Mexico while also studying for a Master's in Senior Business Management at the European Open Business School of Madrid, Spain.

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